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382                                LIFE   OF
boldt, and Knesebeck, were endowed with them..
The dotation granted to Humboldt was to amount to
5000 dollars of annual revenue, (about 75 0.) and
he was to choose the estate himself. He selected the
castle and estate of Ohtmachan, in the district of
Neisse. The estate had formerly belonged to the
prince bishops of Breslau, but had lately been incor-
porated in the state. Now it was given to the Hum-
boldt family, and., in time, produced about 8000 or
SOOO dollars annually to the new possessors.
On the 25th November, a day later than Harden-
berg, Humboldt left Paris. He overtook him, arrived
in Frankfurt on the same clay, and remained there
while Harclenberg proceeded to Berlin, The other
members of the territorial commission soon arrived
at the place of their meetings ; they were sent for
this especial piirpose, and were provided with assist-
ants and subordinates. "With Humboldt, were count
Flemming, councillor Bois des Laaides, and the attache
Freiherr von Biilow. The latter was soon acknow-
ledged as talented., industrious and very useful, and
under Humboldt's superintendence, developed his
talents till he became a statesman, to whom the most
important offices were entrusted, and who subse-
quently became minister for foreign affairs, and the
son-in-law of William von Humboldt.
The business of the commission progressed very
slowly, but there was excitement enough in Frank-
furt to make the time pass agreeably, Prussian regi-
ments marched back to their homes through this
town. The venerable Bliicher remained here some
time, Stein and his family lived here the whole winter,
and Gneisenau came on a visit in the spring. Be-
sides this, the ambassadors to the next diet arrived,
and among them were men who do not deserve to be
blamed if the diet hsud not the beneficial consequences
that were anticipated.
Fran von Humboldt, with her children, was still
reading in Berlin. In 1815, the marriage of the
second daughter with the Lieutenant-general von